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Why Online ThinkQuotient Developers Program (TQ-DP)

Online TQ – DP is an extensive program, which offers in-depth training to developers on “the in-demand” technologies in the IT industry. This Program is industry-centric and is designed by industry-leading thinkers, technical experts, and mentors based on the guidelines given by the IT companies.

  • Learn as per your convenience
  • No need to travel places to get quality training
  • Quality Assurance
  • 4 years of strong IT training experience
  • Progress tracker and reports
  • One to one attention
  • Course curriculum designed as per industry standards and requirements
  • Course timings available as per EST and PST standard time zones
  • Saving cost of accommodation, traveling expenses and food ex.
  • Student queries will be solved immediately

Program Overview

What’s behind the name ‘ThinkQuotient’


Months duration

What’s behind the name ‘ThinkQuotient’


Labs & Projects

What’s behind the name ‘ThinkQuotient’

20-25 hrs

Time commitment per week

What’s behind the name ‘ThinkQuotient’


Topic based coding assignments

What’s behind the name ‘ThinkQuotient’

Live Project

Projects under trainers guidance

What’s behind the name ‘ThinkQuotient’

Practical Session

3 hours of rigorous practical session


  • TQ Induction Programme
  • Parent/Guardian Involvement
  • Corporate : Company Hierarchy & Roles : Software Trainee/Intern to CEO
  • Joining Formalities : Offer Letter, Joining Letter, Employment Letter
  • One on One Vision Meeting to plan your future within TQ (Next 3-6 months)
  • Project Allocation: Major Project : 2-3 members
  • Corporate Training Plan and Process Meetings
  • Software/HW Setup
  • Placed Student Interaction
  • Industry Connect: Guidance from Industry Expert in TQ or in their Company
  • Computer Fundamentals, Eclipse IDE KT
  • Core Java Basics : variables, functions, data types, operators with Flowchart
  • Loops : Eclipse Debugging Java Code
  • OOPS adv. With constructor this super cloning
  • Arrays
  • Best Practices and Coding Standards
  • Static Code Analysis: Sonar/ Find Bug
  • Biweekly Employee Result and Attendance Performance Analysis
  • Feedback of TQ
  • String
  • Soft Skills Begins: Personality Grooming: GD, PI, Extempore, Topic Cards, Email Etiquettes, Corporate Culture Rules and Regulations
  • Exception, Collections
  • SQL with PLSQL
  • Biweekly Employee Result and Attendance Performance Analysis
  • JDBC & Threads
  • VisualVM : Heap Dump and Thread Dump study
  • Design pattern, Enum, file i/o with serialization, reflection
  • Soft Skills to conclude
  • Data Structures
  • Programming Revision of all prior Topics
  • Collection Master Assignment
  • Software Development Life Cycle
  • Waterfall Model
  • Agile Methodology : with Sprints and Scrum
  • SVN/GIT Hub Source Code Repository Mgmt: Use Assembla/GitHub
  • Technology Architecture: MVC, Coding Language
  • BiWeekly Employee Result and Attendance Performance Analysis
  • LIVE Project Middleware & DB Code Creation
  • Design with screens has to be approved prior
  • Use of SVN source code repository
  • Middleware Core Java Programming Test and Interview - Grading Process
  • Award Distribution for Middleware Programming
  • Soft Skills Test and Interview - Grading Process
  • HTML CSS JS, TS, BootStrap, ECMA Script, JSON
  • Frontend Testing : F12 Chrome
  • Cross Browser, Responsive Layout Testing
  • Web Server, Tomcat + war Structure + Servlets & Session Handling
  • Bi Weekly Employee Result and Attendance Performance Analysis
  • Angular 2/4/5/6/7 & React JS
  • End of the month Drives Begin as per Grading Outcome
  • Intermediate & Advanced Angular 2/4/5/6/7
  • LIVE Project Frontend in Angular 7, through JSON integrate with Servlets Middleware & DB
  • Frontend Angular & Servlets Test and Interview - Grading Process
  • Software Flow: JVM Infrastructure Mgmt : Server Mgmt, BRD Business Requirement Document, FSD Functionality Specification Document, TSD Technical Specification Document, Development Phase, Unit Test Cases, SIT Phase: System Integration Phase:, Integration Test Cases, QA : Defect Life Cycle, JIRA, Load Testing - Show , Business Acceptance Test, LAT, Localization Acceptance Test, FPR: Final Practice Run, GO Live, PR/MR: Point Release, Monthly Release
  • Live Web Server Mgmt , CPanel Amazon Web Service (AWS) KT & Live Deployment
  • Add URL in Resume
  • Spring Core, Data
  • Python : Django and Python : Data Science, Graph DB Neo4j, SQL ETL Data Warehousing + Tableau etc
  • Spring MVC,Spring Boot or Node JS
  • BiWeekly Employee Result and Attendance Performance Analysis
  • Live Project replace Servlets use Spring MVC, replace jdbc use Spring JDBC/Hibernate
  • Exit Test - Overall Project Assessment, Core Java, Angular, Servlets, Spring - Test and Interview - Final Grading Process
  • Award Distribution for Final Project with Angular and Spring
  • Closing Ceremony